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make your videos more valuable

Broadcast Media
Thinkglue’s online video platform enables broadcast media companies to drive maximum value from their video assets. We can automatically tag your videos, enable frame-level search, optimize your videos for online search engines.

Advertising Networks
Thinkglue integrates seamlessly with Ad Exchanges, Ad Servers, DSPs. The Thinkglue Ad Engine triggers relevant ads in a brand safe environment based on our semantic video engine. We provide time stamped topics and IAB Categories so you can increase overall click-through rate.

Video Research and Communications Agencies
Our state of the art engine can process user generated videos and tell you most important discussed topics and overall user sentiment.

Website Owners
Make your videos more visible on Google and provide advanced video search features to increase users retention.

Our Technology


Real Time Video Analysis
Automatically extract topics, tags, keywords and recognize key entities from a YouTube video.
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Video Search
Find specific objects within a video. Generate real time advertising keywords while the video plays.
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Maurizio Cibelli, PhD
Microsoft (2001-2013)

Giuseppe Fenza,PhD
University of Salerno (2001-2013)
Chief Research
and Architect

Reinhard Baumeister
Amazon|HSE|Marquard Media(1999-2012)
VP Sales

Alexander Bruehl
Atlas Ventures
Board Advisor


Google Tech Center
Thinkglue at Google Technology Center in London
London EC2A 4BX
United Kingdom
Deutsche Telekom Labs
Thinkglue at Deutche Telekom Innovation Labs
Winterfeldtstraße 21
10781 Berlin, Germany